I heart shoes giveaway... Totally for shoe lovers!!!
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I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.... and 3 fortunes from one cookie!!!
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Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting... Ya!!!
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Yo ho.. Yo ho.. A pirates life for me!
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Bedazzled Giveaway!!!
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Rain or shine...
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Busy day..
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My very first photoshop project! Oh and a video...
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Happy Mothers Day!!!!
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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!
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In the merry merry month of May...
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I heart shoes giveaway... Totally for shoe lovers!!!

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Vintage Wanna Bee is hosting a giveaway for an awesome shoe portrait from Shannon!!! I love them.. so cute and it'd be nice to have some decor on the wall besides quotes hahah!!!!


I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.... and 3 fortunes from one cookie!!!

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Ok... I can't get enough of this song! After hearing this for the first time.. I just totally fell inlove with it! I love how Rachel and Quinn came together on this song and their harmonies are just so pleasant and beautiful to the ears! The original version by TLC was already good but this is amazing. I can totally relate to the song and I'm sure a lot of girls too.. But always remember that you are unique and beautiful inside and out!!! :)

Enjoy the video!!!

Also yesterday, Curt and I went out on a double date with our good friends Kelsey and Alec. We haven't seen them in forever so we decided to hang out with them! The date was dinner and a movie: Charlie Chow's & Pirates 4!  Anyone of you heard of Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill??? If not, you should try it! It's this awesome place by downtown Salt Lake. You can either order regular entrees or you can try their Dragon grill (which is basically like a mongolian grill where you have a bowl and put whatever the heck you want in it and they'll cook it for ya!) It's pretty dang good! Anyway, we ate there coz Kels and Alec have never been there before so we decided to take them there and check it out. After a good hour or so.. everyone was stuffed! The best part is that their fortune cookies are dipped in chocolate which is nummy!!!! So we all took one cookie from the tiny plate and cracked it open to see what our fortune was for the night haha! To my surprise.. I had 3 fortunes in one cookie! It was so awesome and.... they were all good too! Kels thought that I was lucky lol! Well, here are the fortunes.. hopefully they will all come true! Hahaha! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting... Ya!!!

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"Skadoosh! My fist hungers for justice!!!" Oh man, this week has been busy but yet Curt and I were able to hang out with our cool friends Steph and Phil and of course, since we're awesome.. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 on it's opening night. I'm such a paranoid and was really worried that it was going to be crowded.. but fortunately, no one was really there at the theatre when we got there. It was awesome to feel that we didn't really have to worry about not getting good seats. Anyway, since we were 45 mins early, we went across the theatre and ate dinner before the movie started. It was kinda sad to see that Kung Fu Panda 2 didn't really have a big crowd on its opening night.. but it's probably coz of the theatre we went to since it was a lil ghetto haha! We were excited for the movie coz the first one was good and just coz we thought it'd be a good movie. I was a lil sketchy at first but it was actually pretty good. It had more kung-fu than the first one but it was still dang good. It was still pretty funny and the other characters had more lines which was a good thing haha. It was kinda weird to think that Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gary Oldman were the voices of the other characters. I still find a hard time believing that Angelina Jolie or even Lucy Liu was in it. They seem so serious for a cartoon but I love them both so it's awesome! Well, if you guys haven't watched it yet.. you should coz it was awesome!! :)

By the way, we watched the movie at the Century 16 theatre on 3300 S in Salt Lake City! If you guys are ever up around there and are craving for some ice cream... we went to a place called Nitro Freeze! They are kinda like an imitation/knock-off of SubZero but they are still pretty good! Just saying!!! :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yo ho.. Yo ho.. A pirates life for me!

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OMG!!! Have you guys seen Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides yet? If not, you need to! It's really awesome. After a long week of work, depressive moods, and stressful thinking.. Curt and I finally took a break and hung out with our cool friend Matt and went to watch Pirates at 11 pm last night. We had to go later just coz I had work til 8:30 and so we had to eat dinner and go see it at the latest possible. Anyway, even though it was the 4th movie of this sequel, it was still awesome. I actually liked it more and thought it was cooler than the other previous ones. I like how the plot focuses more on the lives of pirates then being in love and stuff but I like the cute lil love story between the mermaid and the Catholic missionary. They were so cute! I think we're going to watch it again soon with our other cool friends who we haven't seen in awhile! So I'm excited! Good job Johnny, Geoffrey, Ian, and Penelope!! :)

P.S. Aren't they so adorable together??? Haha!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodbye Desperate Housewives and Glee for now... Welcome Back Psych!!!

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Bittersweet goodbye... for now! Desperate Housewives has aired it's finale season on Sunday and Glee has only 2 more episodes left before it takes a break! Oh... to think that I'll be devastated to have to wait again but at least I have one show to look forward to. PSYCH!!!!! Oh yeah.. it's coming back in the fall and I am super excited for it. Who doesn't love this show?! If you don't, then you're mental!!! It's very awesome! Anyway, welcome back Spencer and Gus! Oh and of course, I can't forget about Detective Lasseter and Juliet. It's gonna be sweet! I'm excited and so should you! :)

I think for now.. this gap with give me time to catch up with Pretty Little Liars and Modern Family! Hahaha!!!! I'm such a nerd!!! Pathetic, maybe.. LOL!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bedazzled Giveaway!!!

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Hey guys!! Check them out!!! These watches are adorably awesome!! And Weekly Giveaway is giving one lucky reader a watch for free!! :)

I followed the rules on the blog to win.. it's easy! You should try it out!

This is my favorite out of the collection!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain or shine...

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The weather here in Utah is very complicated! I can't believe the weather here.. It just can't make up it's mind! Yesterday was a gorgeous day and today is warm but it's raining. Oh, when will Mr. Sun just stay and brighten our days with warmth and color. Anyway, today I got to sleep in for the first time in a few weeks. We've been gone on trips every weekend that I couldn't enjoy sleeping in on a Saturday. So my morning started out good. Then, I headed out to lunch with the ladies of the family. Grandma McBride insisted on taking all her daughters and granddaughters out to lunch just for fun. It was fun to hang out, chat, eat, relax, and play with the babies. We went and ate at Kneaders. I've never been there before so it was fascinating to see what they had, the fresh and yummy-looking desserts, and it was also cool to see the little craft things that they had at the store. (ever since I got married, I'm trying to get crafty and creative.. so far, inspiration hasn't really kicked in yet!) It was fun to look at their things though. It was a nice way to start the day and of course for dessert, I had to get their yummy cookies: White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut! YUM!!! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy day..

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I could say that today was a busy yet relaxed day for me. Did the usual waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, and then going to work for the whole day. After that, I decided to go back home and get the stuff that I bough from Ross a week ago and return the clothes that I wasn't really feeling strongly about keeping. I mean, when you shop and want something, you get excited once it's in your hands and never let go of it. When you get home, you feel like you've won the lottery or something.. but with these clothes, I wasn't too anxious to keep. Anyway, while I was at Ross, I always try to avoid the purse section coz I'm uberly obsessed with purses. But of course, after walking around and trying to stuff on to exchange my items, I couldn't resist and went to the handbags section. I was there for probably 20 minutes trying to see what I could find... and then I got my eye on 3 cute purses. Not only were they cute but they were all on sale for $10-$15. I thought to myself, it's not that expensive and they're really cute! But, I was so proud of myself and resisted the temptation of buying any. The reason: it's because I really want that purse from Fossil and Curt hinted that he might get it for me soon. :)

I saw this pic and I could totally relate from it today! Yay me for resisting temptation hahah!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My very first photoshop project! Oh and a video...

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Do you see the header for this blog? I am proud to say that I did that all by myself on photoshop! Yay Me!! I'm so proud of myself and with help from my genius husband who is very good with that program, I was able to create my first header. Of course, the actual header is still on the works but it makes me feel like I have been creative today. I wasn't feeling very well today so all I did was try to see what I can do with my blog. So far, a new header and a plain blog is what I've done so far. I get distracted from Netflix and also looking at youtube videos but voila!! I'll still keep working on it! Anyway, we found this youtube videos that you might like! Enjoy!

Bad lip reading... I couldn't stop laughing! (Don't get me wrong, the real song was really good but this one was just hilarious!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

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I just want to say Happy Mothers Day to every mother out there!!! A special shout-out to my own mother who is my best friend, who has shared many happy and sad memories with me, who has held my hand through tough times, who has been patient with me during my teen years, and who has been by my side every step of the way and is still there for me when I need someone to talk to... I love you Mom!!

Also, I wanted give a shout-out to my mother-in-law who has been there for me since I live far away from my family. She has been there to help me become the wife that I am to my husband, to keep my faith strong, and to always serve others. She has been so patient and very kind, and very welcoming since I joined the family. I could have never asked for a better mother-in-law! I love you Jill, and thank you for everything!

One last mother I want to mention is my Mama, my grandmother! She has cared for since the day I was born, has looked after me when my parents were busy or out of town, and who has been there for me at all times. To this day, she still treats me as her first lil grandchild and I just can't express how much I love her deeply. She's the greatest mama ever! I love you Mama! 

Here's a poem that I found and want to dedicate to my mothers...

How do I tell you, from this daughter
Oh mother of mine, who couldn't have worked harder
To make my life, as best as could be
How much your loved, for loving me

Things you wanted, so many times
You put aside, to help me and mine
Even when I was growing up
A back you never turned, a door you never shut

How do I tell you, how much this means
Oh mother of mine, who always beams
With a loving heart, with open arms
Caring for all, with all your charms

You made life, so very good
For me you did, all you could
You cared for me, through all bad times
Your loved so much, oh mother of mine 

-Betty Halverson

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

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Today is a special day! It's my birthday and I am now 23! Wow, seems so old.. but not so much! Thinking of having kids yet? Nah... I'm not ready for that just yet.. Even though I'm in my twenties, I think I'm still immature to have my own kids and it would just be too weird for me haha! But don't get me wrong.. I love kids! I have names picked out already haha!

Anyway, for this year, I went to Vegas with Jill and Carrie! It was a fun trip! I wasn't expecting the trip to happen coz I thought we were just talking about how fun it would be to go but fortunately, my loving husband told me to go and so I did! It was sad not to be with him but it was ok.. I was able to come home to him, eat a lovely dinner, and just relax!

Here are some pics from Vegas... It was a 3 day trip and we watched the lion king, went swimming, took a stroll on the Vegas strip and watched the Fountains of Bellagio as we said our goodbyes to Sin City!

 Eating at Bayside Buffet... $30 for dinner? Sheesh!! 

 Lion King!! AHHHHHH!!! 
So good! 

 Wynn Hotel.. :) 

Carrie with the hunky men.. :) hahahaha 

Overall, it was a fun trip! After 6 hours of driving on my birthday, I returned to a spotless home cleaned by my amazing husband and a lovely dinner and relaxing night with him! Then next week, he's taking me shopping!!! : ) Woohoo!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

In the merry merry month of May...

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As I sit here on the couch.. I watch Curt and our little cousins play the Wii. It's so funny watching our little cousin Max who has this weird but very adorable moves when he plays video games. He is only 4 and his whole personality makes me want to have a little boy so bad! He comes to our place every Sunday to play games with Curt which is cute enough.. then once they start playing, Max can't hold still coz of excitement. Instead, as you watch them both, you will notice the intensity and seriousness in a young boy's face. First, he starts biting his lip or wiggles his tongue around his mouth or to the side of his mouth. As the game intensifies, he starts jumping, wiggling, and doing this tip-toed dance as he tries to beat the game or whoever his playing against. Curt and I couldn't help but take a video of him coz he was so cute!!!

Also, as I watch them play, I realized that my birthday is this week! Of course, I am very excited about it. One thing I love about May is not only does it get warm, but also, it's the month of where I celebrate getting older haha! I would be lying if I said I don't feel old every year my birthday comes.. But I always look forward to gifts and what surprise I would be getting for that year. This year.. since my momma-in-law's birthday is 4 days before mine, we decided to take a girls only trip to Vegas with my sissy-in-law to watch Lion King and just shop around and getaway for the weekend. Also, I was thinking of what I wanted to get for my birthday and I know exactly what I want... I kinda Curt the hint already a few months ago when I saw them lol!!! So we'll see what I get.. But it's the thought that counts and Curt is definitely good at that! :)

My lil wish list for my birthday..

1. Fossil keyper purse and matching pouches or wallet in light floral print (I'm a purse lover.. I seriously collect them and Curt thinks I have way too many! But this one was just too adorable)

2. Diamond earrings (I don't wear a lot of accessories since I'm allergic to sterling silver or anything similar to it.. Too bad or I would be totally accessorizing a lot!
3. GIFT CARDS!!! (Who doesn't like getting gift cards as a present??? I sure know that I do! Specially if they are from stores that I totally would go crazy about) \

Well, I'm excited for this weekend to come!! :)