Odyssey Dance Company: Thriller
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Stress-Free? Yes Indeedy!!
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Just some pics from this year...
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Odyssey Dance Company: Thriller

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A few weeks ago, my in-laws were talking about a dance show that happens every October in Utah. It's totally themed with of course, Halloween. Just talking about it and hearing about it, I got excited and wanted to watch it. Luckily, since Curt or Holly hasn't seen it either, the family decided to go watch it last Monday, Oct 25th. I was excited and at the same time scared because my in-laws, told us that while the audience is waiting for the show to start, some "zombies" or "scary people" just walk up in their seats and try to scare you. Knowing myself, I'm totally a scaredy cat. No joke! I cried when my friends and I went to Knott's Scary Farm my senior year in high school. Lame, right?
Anyway, the show was at the Kingsbury Hall at the U of U. And as expected, while we were at our seats, zombies started coming out and scaring people. There was actually one girl who screamed every time a zombie came to her. Good thing they didn't come towards us. Phew! The show started off with the "Thriller" song and for once, it was choreographed differently from the original.. even though the original was still epic, it was nice to see a change. Then, a mummy dance which was pretty cool. What I remember most from the first Act was 'Dem Bones' where it looked like skeletons tapping and dancing with just a blacklight. It was pretty awesome. Kinda reminded me of when Forte boys in high school did their glow in the dark basketball and strings number with an N'SYNC song. The first Act ended with a 'Jason' number where there are 3 Jasons and they do a rhythmical beat with knives, chainsaws, and ice picks. It was really cool and funny too.. it was more of a comedy act. They also had a number dedicated to Twilight. It totally had Team Jacob and Team Edward. It was funny coz it was kind of making fun of the movie at the same time. They also had a 'Chucky' number.. and it was pretty freaky. I wanted their costumes though coz they totally looked like the doll.. I didn't like the end part when they had pyros flashing and blinding the audience. It even made some people cough coz of the smoke. The Grudge number that they had was pretty much creepy. Curt said it wasn't like the movie at all.. but still, it was the scariest one. Their last dance was an imitation of 'River Dance.' It was pretty cool.. it started off with girls doing the river dance and then one by one they were getting shot like they were a carnival game or something. It was hilarious.. That's actually one of Curt's family's favorites.
Anyway, if you're really curious, check it out yourself. If you like singing, dancing, performing, being on stage, or just loves a good laugh, then you'll definitely want to put this on your agenda next year.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress-Free? Yes Indeedy!!

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Wow! It's been awhile since I posted something.. it's probably coz I didn't want to babble about nonsense or anything not too exciting. Haha!
I'm so grateful for this month! I mean seriously!! 3 massages in 1 month is so awesome! Talk about major pampering lol!

So let me start off by my first pampering. It was a gift from my good friend, Stephanie Houchens (now last name, Roberts) :)
Anyway, as a gift for her bridesmaids, she took us to a spa out in Victorville called "Athena Jean Salon and Day Spa." The experience there was amazing. The bridal party were the only ones at the salon. We totally felt like royalty and it was incredible. We felt like queens, princesses, celebrities, whatever! All I know was, it was basically Women Heaven! haha.. They fed us little fruit cups and refilled it every time we wanted more, then for lunch time, we had salad, cold sandwiches, and pita chips with dip. I mean, we were there from 9 til almost 3 pm. From mani-pedi to getting massages and a facial. It was totally a blast. I even remembered when Brittany (maid of honor) walked out from her massage, I told her she looked like she just had sex hair or something.. lol.. but she said to wait til it was my turn and see how it's like. I was the last ones to get my massage. And she was totally right!! After my massage and facial, it felt like my soul went over the rainbow. Haha! I totally forgot where I was!! After that, we all went down to Riverside where the dinner party was held and to have one last girl's night/sleepover with our dear friend!!! :)

For the 2nd pampering, was a funny experience since I was with my wonderful husband Curt! Lately Curt and I have been stressed from school and work! (Can you totally relate?) Well, after trying to figure out on what to do to relieve our stresses, I decided that both of us need some pampering time and to get a massage for our own sake. So.... I got us a "couples massage" appointment at Healing Mountain School of Massage Therapy. Yay!!!! =)
So this is how our night went:
Our appointment  was at 7:30 pm. We came from home at around 5ish to 6, Curt made dinnner, Honey Mustard Chicken with Rice (which was amazing! seriously, the guy can cook! When I cook, it's either good coz of luck or I just burn it!) Anyway, a little after 7, we left and drove to the place. At first, it was hard to find because it was pretty much hidden but we managed and found it. Right when we entered the building, you could totally just smell the aromas that was coming from the place. When we got there, we got appointed to 2 students. I had the older student and Curt got this cute girl who looked like she was 18 or 19 years old. We were guided to a room where it had 2 massage tables and then they just left. At first, I knew we had to de-robe and get prepared but since they didn't say anything, Curt and I just walked around the room and started talking. He was really nervous coz he had a young girl. Haha! 10 mins later, they came back and were surprised that we were still dressed. We all laughed and gave us privacy again to prepare. A few mins later, we were ready to get our back massages. The massage was nice. It wasn't as pro as the salon spa that I went 2 weeks ago but it was still good. Our session was 70 mins long. After the massage, we were all relaxed. Curt had some funny things to say about the girl who massaged him. He came to me after they left and said "I was just imagining it was you massaging me coz it felt like that the girl was inlove with me." I laughed coz I thought it was funny. Another reaction of his was when we got dressed, the 2 students gave us water to "flush out the toxins.." Curt's face just got shocked and looked at me. He whispered.. "What toxins is she talking about? Did they put toxins in our body?" Gosh, I'm so thankful for my husband! He just cracks me up! LOL...

Last massage for the month was when I went back 2 days later with my in-laws: Jill, Holly, and Carrie. These 3 ladies are seriously so wonderful. I could've never asked for a better family. Anyway, we had various types of massages. Jill got the Hot Stone Swedish Massage, Holly got the Deep Muscular Massage, Carrie got Swedish Massage, and I got the CranioSacral Therapy (sounds weird? it's totally like a major meditation thing to help my migraines and backaches) Most of us had a good experience except for poor Carrie. She didn't like hers that much since he wasn't that good. Too bad!! I promised her we'll go again next month for sure.
The funny thing about hers was that she had a pack of kleenex in her hand while being massaged and when he got to the arm and hand part, the therapist gave her a weird look took and put it back after massaging her hand. It was fun!!

Well, that's my story for major October pampering! Hope you enjoyed reading this really long blog! xoxo

For anyone who's in Victorville, here's Athean Jean's website: http://www.athenajeansalonandspa.com/
For anyone who wants a cheap massage here's the school's website: http://www.healingmountain.org/slcClinic.html

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just some pics from this year...

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The Beginning of Everything... 
Believe it or not.. Outrageous it may seem and sound but yes, we did meet through the crazy awesome social network everyone calls Facebook. It's funny how people think we met on his mission. I was at the edge of my senior year in high school back in California when he left for the Philippines. LOL! 

This was when Curt asked me out in Idaho Falls by the the temple and we were literally by the waterfalls.

A hiking trip with his family..
One of our Moab trip pictures.. oh and this was when I cut my hair so short.. It was a bad decision!
Of course, who doesn't own a Disneyland picture? LOL
This was a picture of us being taken by his awesome sister Holly! The picture was taken a month after we were dating.. It totally felt like we were posing for engagement pics!! I was freaking out!

Next thing I knew, Oct 2, 2010 was the day I got proposed to at Bear Lake. 
This is how the sly Curtis did the trick to make me say Yes... Raspberry shake! LOL.. 
A cool engagement shot at Wheeler Farm.. Now this was the real deal! 
And then................ 

We finally tied the knot and got sealed on January 2, 2010!!!! 
So basically, that's kinda like the pattern from when we met to how we've become: Mr. and Mrs. Buckmiller! <3 <3 <3 
Was it a crazy journey, yes indeedles!!! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Hey Guys!!! Finally, I have made a blog! For many months, or basically ever since I got married, I've been debating I should make a blog about married life or not. Everyone seemed to be doing it.. but I wasn't sure if I wanted to join the circle of blogging or just be boring and just post anything on facebook about life. Haha! I'm sure everyone goes through that, and just makes the updates of life as their status. But I don't want to be boring anymore. I actually thought of it while sitting in my living room, home alone, and just waiting for an inspiration to come. And there it was... like a lightbulb hitting me on the head! "I should make a blog!" It was like a chorus of angels singing to me and a beam of light shining down on my laptop. So I opened it and then starting making one! And voila! Here it is!! I just hope I can be inspired to update every time something exciting happens in our lives, or maybe even the boring ones just so that everyone can enjoy, laugh, cry, and whatever emotions there is in the world with us!!! :)