My crazy April and Spring break has sprung!!!
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Holy March!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

My crazy April and Spring break has sprung!!!

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So I know that I have been really sucky at this "blog once a week" thing but I totally underestimated the busy life of a hygiene student. To make it up, I shall repeat what I did for the month of March like my last post and ramble on about my last month of 1st semester.. so here we go!

So.. the month of April was very very very and I cannot stress how VERY stressful it was for myself and my fellow classmates. It was insane and crazy. Finals week was a couple of weeks away and there were so many things to do. But our class historians and their committee were so nice to come up with a cookie social to help us take our minds off of Finals for at least a couple of hours. Here are some pictures. Of course I couldn't eat any of it except for the sliced apples with Nutella! :)

Hahaha... my face in this picture is just weird!

These gals are awesome!!! 

 Cassie & Me (She's totally my IDOL!) 

Our team for the guessing game! Awesome!!

Alright, enough of fun pictures! Hahaha! So after the cookie social, the stressing began. Tons of homework to catch up and trying to finish all our clinical PEs and Lab Activities. Not to mention, due to stress and our clinical team having the hardest clinical instructors at the end of the semester, tears were definitely shed. It was no fun at all! But, even though it was a rough time I have managed and figured out my study schedule and with the help with my smart classmates, this is what I came up with. (Unfortunately, it totally fell apart after trying to keep up with it!) 

 (don't know if you can read it, but it's pretty insane!) 

Monday: Anatomy, Radiology, and Morphology
Wednesday: Embryology, Pre-Clinic Theory, and Spanish 
Thursday: Preventive Spanish 

So who has had 7 finals in one week? I have! It was a crazy week and definitely felt like I was the cast of The Walking Dead even though I vowed not to ever see a preview nor an episode of that show. (I am not a fan of gore and scary stuff in general.) But running on 5 hours of sleep every day of Finals week with an hour nap before studying was dreadful but at the same time it paid off. We got our grades were up and I was very happy about it! :) 

After the last exam of the semester, my dear friend Chelsey and I went to meet up with some of the gals at IHOP for breakfast. It was so fun not to worry about any homework or deadlines or anything school-related. 
 Miss these gals already!!! 

Smiles everywhere!!! 

 I went to work on Friday and Saturday and when I got home, it was so nice to change, plop on the couch, and catch up on my tv shows! It was super super nice!! :) These are some pictures that I took and are on Facebook and Instagram after our last finals were done. 

 Date night with the Dietrichs at Nickel City!!! :) 

 Getting our eyebrows waxed.. Chelsey was going home so she wanted to look good! I just tagged along! $5 for waxing, not bad! 

Saying goodbye to my books for now and putting them in a safe place! Hahaha! 

Got bored on Sunday afternoon and baked some GF cookies!!! 

Oh and last but not least, we took some class pictures too! Look how awesome we look! 
Class of 2014!!!! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Holy March!

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Ok.. so this post is really late because of how busy my life has been. Time to vent! I'm taking a break right now from studying since Finals week is almost here. This post has probably taken me a few weeks since I would add some info to it and save it as a draft bahahahaha! FML! LOL Anyhoo.. here's my story!

**Wow, ever since March started, school has been crazy busy. Wait, I totally take that back. School has always been really crazy. Finally after taking our 2nd set of exams, I was finally able to relax for just a little bit. So far life has been busy but calm at the same time. These past few weeks have been pretty exciting. I'll just put them in a list coz it makes it easier like that:

1. My poor niece who is 2 months old totally got sick with RSV. It was so heartbreaking seeing her hooked on tubes. She was in the hospital for 2 days and was hooked to oxygen for probably a week. So so sad! But she's all better now so we are all thankful and happy for that. Isn't she just adorable! This cute face totally makes my day every time her Mom sends a picture or a video of her.

2. My cute husband celebrated his 26th birthday! Woot!! Happy Birthday Curtis!! We went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with his wonderful parents and it was so awesome! B-Dubs never fails.. (except that they couldn't serve me their yummy buffalo chips because it shared a deep fryer with all the breaded stuff.. BOO!) Then I got him his awaited PS3 game "Tomb Raider" which by the way is pretty awesome. I watched him play several times. Even though I wasn't a fan of some scenes coz of the gore, the story was pretty epic. And lastly, I got him the iPilot Helicopter. He totally loves it and it was so cute seeing him learning how to fly it. He's gotten pretty good about it. :)

3. We also had to say goodbye to one of our funny and favorite professors. Prof. M! He had to leave to move on with life and do better things. We were so sad.. We will definitely miss his funny cat and basement stories.. and random tangents about life. It was the best part of Radiology lecture. Haha! We'll miss you Prof. M!!! :) 

4. Our ward also did a Pinewood Derby this month! It was pretty cool. I've never been or seen one before in my life so it was definitely new to me!! It was amazing how much effort these boys and their families put into their little creations. 

5. Randomness!!! Chelsey made a little dinner and learn with Surgitel loupes. And yes, even though I got my Orascoptic ones last month. I tried it out and definitely loved them. I had to say goodbye to my Orascoptic ones and went with Surgitel instead. I shall post a pic of what I got once I got them. But I had to post this random picture since I thought it was so funny!!! We were rockin these loupes! 

6. And then.. the best part is that our school had the opportunity to teach oral hygiene to elementary kids! It was so so so fun! It was kind of funny because my friends and I were hoping we didn't get 5th graders. But we totally did! We were so bummed but it seriously turned out to be pretty good in the end! Here are some pics that we took! 

Isn't my life so awesome? And there you have it. Being a dental hygiene student definitely has its ups and downs. The countless hours of studying, to the sleepless nights, to gaining pounds coz we always wear scrubs lol!! (at least that's how I feel!) But most of all, I definitely love the memories we've been creating as a class. It's been tough and rough but we will all get through it! 2 more weeks until our 1st semester is over!!! Woot!!!