New Season... New Look!! :)
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Mr. Know It All... :)
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Finally... It's here!
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It's time for -Ber months again..
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Friday, September 30, 2011

New Season... New Look!! :)

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Guess who's a red-head! ME!!!!! Well it's not really red.. more like a "sour-cherry" red. Fall is here and that means a whole new season,.. so I decided to change my hair to a whole new look last weekend. I was a little hesitant at first but it was the right time since my awesome friend Miss Molly told me about the deal at Lunatic Fringe. Color was only $50 instead of $120. Was it a good deal... HECK YEAH IT WAS! I got excited and ask Curt if I could do it. And of course, the loving and supporting husband that he is, He said YES! I'm so excited about my hair and I've received a lot of compliments already. It's a big change for my hair but I love it so much!!! And as a matter of fact, this is my first time ever where my hair actually turned red.. we had to bleach my hair. I was mortified when I heard the word "bleach" come out of Molly's mouth but I just said "Let's go for it!!!" Anyway, here they are!! More pics coming soon since I did a photo shoot yesterday with my awesome sister-in-laws and cousin. Yay!! :)
 Yes!! It's not dark chocolate anymore.. it's Auburn! 

Here's the front view of it.. I just recently took a shower  so it looks dark. 

 Tons of layers.. you can't see it much on the pic tho.. :( 

Me messing around with the camera while Curt is seriously in tuned with his game on the PS3. Haha! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. Know It All... :)

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Aaahhh!!! I'm so excited about Kelly Clarkson's new album that's coming out next month. Anyone else excited out there? Well I sure am!! I love Kelly Clarkson since the beginning. She's one of the artists besides The Veronicas, Demi Lovato, etc. that I listen to when I just wanna jam out in my car and rock it out like I'm a total rock star.. or if we go the other end.. when my heart is broken, angry at the world, or basically my music therapy when I'm in a bad mood on my iPod. Who wouldn't? Her songs and the lyrics are just genius and everyone can relate... Duh! Everyone has experienced heart breaks, hatred, betrayal, anger and everything else that is included in a crappy relationship. I can't really say that now since I'm married to a very wonderful guy.. but before when I was dating or when I would wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just starting the day all grumpy, all I do is listen to my "Rockstars/Bad Day" list and I'll feel all better. Also, when I'm not in a bad mood and just wanna rock out.. I'd put that on too. It's like when Curt listens to Muse, Bon Jovi, or My Chemical Romance and sings his lungs out. We'd be head bangin' in the car specially on the long road trips. Strange???? I don't think so! It's so totally normal and awesome. Anyone who denies doing that is a total lame-o!!! : )

Now everyone has been saying that Kelly Clarkson took a new route with her 5th album "STRONGER" since her last cd dropped the bomb which was really sad since it was still pretty good. But hopefully with this one, she'll rise again to the top and be noticed once again as one great artist. So I've posted a link below to the audio on YouTube and the lyrics so you guys can enjoy! Have fun!

For lyrics:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally... It's here!

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Hey you all!!! I'm so excited to post this message because something awesome just came in the mail. I have been waiting for them to come right after I've ordered them online. Wanna know what it is?? DOLL EYE CONTACTS!!! Yes! I have gone back to my Asian roots and have ordered some for myself. At first I was a little iffy about it and wondered if they were going to be comfortable. I regularly wear contacts but since I'm so "high maintenance" and my eyes can only take the "special" and "expensive" kind which stinks since it burns a hole in my pocket. Because of this, I was really concerned about the kind of material that was used for these "doll eyes." Luckily, thanks to reviewers on YouTube (I know they're not accurate coz people are different from one another), I found some that are pretty good and also I have done tons of research first before buying them. Anyway, I bought 2 kinds of contacts and they're both from Malaysia. The one that I will be showing you was the first one to arrive since I did International Express, I'm still waiting for the other one. When it comes, I'll definitely blog about it too. Anyway, here are the pictures. (I apologize for the pics... I was super super super tired when I took these. I so need some sleep haha!)

This is me trying to take a pic of one eye without and one eye with the contact...  

This is what they look like with my dark brown eyes 

From another angle..  

This is what it looks like with a flash.. and of course my hubby had to "photo-bomb" this pic lol 

The lens actually came in these lil cute bottles and I got a hippo case for free! Asians are so cute!

Hippo love!!!  

Yes, they are pink!!!! 
About contacts:
* Brand: Super Nudy Pink from G&G (yes they are pink... but my eyes make them grey.)
* Ordered from Malaysia
* Very comfortable
* 14.5 mm.. (normal contacts are 14mm)
* Very cute and so awesome! I love it!!! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's time for -Ber months again..

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Well it's been awhile ever since I have last posted a blog. Needless to say, life has been crazy hectic. I need to keep up with my blog posts coz I feel like it's being neglected haha! Well Curt has started school and he's taking an EMT course. He's such a hard-working person. He goes to work from 8-5, then goes straight to school on M-W from 6-10 pm. Poor guy is always hungry and exhausted when he gets home. As for me, I'm just working for now.. and in 3 weeks, I'll also be going to school at the Academy of Dental Careers. I'm so stoked about it. I never really saw myself actually pursuing to go to Dentistry.. but we'll see how far along I go with it. I love going to school and I love learning.. I just want to figure out what I want to do in life besides being a mom someday. Kids are not in our agenda at the moment.. we still have school and travel plans to pursue. It might sound a lil selfish of us, but we just want to have some fun time alone to ourselves before we share it with lil kiddies running around. Today at our new ward, it actually made me think about having kids. Our ward is pretty different from the other ones we've been to. This ward is actually full of BABIES!!! Everywhere you turn your head, there are babies/toddlers on the church benches doing their lil doodles, playing with each other, or crying/screaming their lungs out. It was insane. I couldn't concentrate on the speaker since I kept hearing the kiddos surrounding me. I felt bad for one mom just because her lil son kept screaming and crying and she had 3 toddlers to tend to with no hubby around to help her out. So she just sat there "shooshing" him to be quiet, but he kept screaming. Later on, I found out that she was the bishop's wife and he apologized for having the noisy ones. Haha! When we got home, I told Curt that we should hold off having kids for awhile coz I think I just had a traumatic experience. He just laughed at me. Anyway, anyone noticed that lately it's been a lil chillier at night then a week or 2 ago? Well, the "BER" months are finally here. September, October, November, Decemeber.. this means, it's time for Fall and Winter again. Oh the cold and the snow. I'm not sure if I'm excited or bummed about it. It's crazy to think that 2011 has gone by so fast.. before we know it, it's going to Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Then Curt and I will be celebrating our 2nd year together on the 2nd of Jan. WHOA!!! Wonder where we should spend it this year... HHhmm.. Oh well, it's a long ways away still. I hope you all have a great week!! Be safe!!