You're Never Old.. To Be Young
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

You're Never Old.. To Be Young

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So these past few days have been super fun. I was blessed to have a 4-day weekend due to having a UDA convention here in Salt Lake where dental professionals get to meet, greet, take CE courses, and get loads of free goodies if you know how to sweet talk the people in some of the booths haha! Also, we celebrated Curt's birthday! It was simple but it was fun. We never get the chance to just relax, be together, and just enjoy each other's company without stresses of hovering over our shoulders.

While sitting down on the couch in our tiny apartment and watching our favorite shows (we like to binge watch lol), I asked Curt a question that has been bothering me...

"Are we getting too old for this? Do we need to start acting like our age?"

You see, if you don't know Curt and I very well, we have similar things that we like that people may think are childish. Curt loves to play his video games, while I go "gaga" over cute little things, especially Asian stuff.  I am all about Asian things.. maybe because of my childhood and the culture I was raised in lol! But whenever we're all caught up with our favorite tv shows, we would watch cartoons and watch animes (Japanese cartoons) during our spare time. And, when I get really bored and just want to read, I sometimes go for mangas that have romantic/comedy plots. We both have friends that like watching cartoons/animes and read mangas like us and there are those who make fun of us for it and call us lame.. Haha! We're totally cool with both sides. It doesn't bother us at all. But then again, I see, meet, and know people who are so mature and acting like their age or older than their age. So after asking the question, Curt just looked at me and said,

"We're never too old for anything. It's true that we may be getting old by the age but why would we change just because of that? What difference does it make if we change ourselves if we're not happy? Being true to our own self is something important. I may be 27 years old but I'm happy because I'm doing what I love to do. If someone had to tell you to change because you should act like your age, would you?" 

After this, I answered, "Maybe, I don't know." 
And then he asked, "Do you think you would be happy and be truthful to yourself?" 

This made me think a bit and I said that I probably wouldn't because it was just not me. Our conversation lasted for a couple of hours and we just talked about how the number age doesn't matter and that we just need to be ourselves. It's true that we need to act on the responsibilities that we have as adults and as future parents but it doesn't mean that we should stop being who we are for the sake of what society thinks how we should act and how everything is supposed to be. Because of this, I told him that I'm determined to learn more things, create another goal once I'm done with school (maybe try learning Japanese again to full extent), and to dream big! 

I love this quote that I found as well!