Goodbye May...
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A video from me... to you!!!
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goodbye May...

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Oh May! My favorite month since it's the month I was born and because it's when you know that Summer is just right around the corner. A lot of good things have happened and I can't believe it's my last birthday as a student.. At least for now. It's so crazy to think that last year, I was starting my 2nd semester and here I am now.. finishing up my last. Time has flown by and I have aged another year older. However, everything still feels the same to me. Probably because I am still in school but I'm sure once I'm done, a lot will change. I'm so excited to be done but at the same time, feeling a little bittersweet. I am grateful for the memories and great friendships I have made since school started. I guess it still hasn't really hit me yet that I'll be graduating in about 2 months. It still feels like a dream.

So.. since I had all the time in the world to edit some videos today, I decided to compile up all the video clips and pictures that I've had so far and make a vlog about it. I'm technically still not sure how to do vlogs except make videos and clips of random stuff but hey, at least I'm trying lol! I'm sure I'll get better at it somehow.. most likely once I'm done with hygiene school lol!

On a scale of 1-10, my birthday this year was probably an 8.5 probably because I had to be in school and I had to study for anesthesia boards lol! However, I was grateful for my friends and family who greeted me & remembered the day of my birth hahaha. It made me feel so loved and blessed. I am so excited for my family to come in August. That was pretty much their birthday gift to me and tickets to see FALL OUT BOY & PARAMORE! So stoked about that!

Also, my awesome in-laws celebrated my birthday on the last day of the month. I requested for some baby back ribs and pineapple dole whip (like the one from Disneyland) for dinner. It was sooo good! I wasn't feeling good yesterday so I wasn't able to really film it. But I got some awesome gifts from them! The panda painting was from my sis-in-law from Seattle. I totally screamed when I saw it haha! And, of course they all know about my obsession with Nutella. YUM! I'm super excited to try some of the recipes in it. THANK YOU!!!!

Anyway, here's a video of what went down for the day! Enjoy!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

April Vlog

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**Click on the picture to get to the video! 

This past April has been super crazy busy for us. It was very eventful and full of fun and new experiences. To show all off, I've made a video since there were just tons of stuff that happened.

One of the best events that have happened was that Curt and I were able to watch Noteworthy in action. They celebrated their 10th Anniversary and had a great concert. It was pretty sweet! It was really funny because it was the weekend before Finals but since I made a schedule to follow, I was able to take a night off from studying and was able to play with friends. 

Another big event was that I finished off my 4th semester of Finals! Man, it felt so great! I was able to celebrate the last day of finals with great friends over some yummy ice cream treats. It was awesome to just kick back, relax, and talk about not having to go home and do homework. Phew! It felt amazing! 

I also wanted to mention that my 2 darling sisters: Crystal and Patricia had birthdays this month! I feel so old!!!!! I'm so grateful for my family... my awesome parents and crazy siblings! Oh the memories! I miss them so much and can't wait to spend some time with them after I'm done with school. :) 

After relaxing for two days, my good friend, Janessa and I sat down at my kitchen table and had a serious conversation and session about BOARDS!!! Yes, it was our break from school and we got together and planned our schedule for the big exams that will basically change our lives hahahaha! It was pretty awesome and exciting at the same time. We had so many questions that we even called WREB themselves. They were so nice about it though and answered each and every one of the question we had. After a whole day of figuring out what we were going to do for the next 4-5 upcoming months, we sent our first application to take our 1st board exam: Written Anesthesia WREB! Holy cow, it was exciting and at the same time, we both had great anxiety. We had butterflies and I think worms in our stomachs lol! Well ok not worms, it just felt like it! Ever since then, we both have been studying non-stop for it. It was such a pain to not be able to enjoy the break but it's ok.. it'll be worth it in the end! :) 

Even though I was studying my brains out for boards, there were times when my sweet hubs just knew that I needed a break. He decided that we were going to enjoy the sun and the warm weather. In Provo, they had a huge Spring event going on and we decided to go. It was super fun! We even got to hang out with our friends with cute babies. We had a blast! 

Then, after a long week of being cooped inside the house again, the Buckmiller tradition of going to Moab finally arrived. It was nice to get out of Provo and have a change of scenery. We even invited Janessa since she was my study buddy and I couldn't leave her. We were both determined to study no matter what... but did that happen? Not so much! LOL! However, we were able to experience our first Jeeping experience (for Janessa) and first rock climbing and conquering my fear of heights experience (Me). It was super fun and man, I was so nervous for my life. It was such a rush of adrenalin and it was awesome! 

Besides the fact that I was studying for Anesthesia boards, I was also studying something else not related to dental hygiene at all.... JAPANESE!!!! Yes.. I am learning Japanese for fun and because I needed a break from all of the serious stuff going on. I also have plans of visiting Japan next year and visit my best friend. It's been a dream of mine to visit that country since I was young. I tried going in 2008 but decided to go to school instead. I was even planning on going the next year but guess what happened..... I met Curt! LOL! So now, he told me I can go next year. Woohoo! I am super excited aboout it. I know it's a long ways away but it's something to look forward to. There's a video of Curt and Drew trying to learn a few phrases of Japanese somewhere in the video hahahaha!

Here are some books and audio cds that help me with my Japanese..

This is what I use to communicate with all my Japanese friends. It's an app called LINE and it's super awesome.. and FREE to use!!!! I love it. 
The toughest part about learning Japanese is their alphabet. It's super tough learning it but I'm having so much fun memorizing them. Curt and I would watch anime and I could read the characters. It totally feels like an accomplishment. :) 

Someday, I'm planning on mastering Korean and Spanish.. and yes I am serious about it. I don't know what it is about Asian languages but it just sounds cool and beautiful. Spanish on the other hand, is definitely a must for me. :) 

Basically, that's what our April was like! Oh and by the way, did I mention that we got to see Switchfoot for the 2nd time in a row? Yes, it was awesome! Nuff said!

**Here's a Japanese version of "Let It Go" with it's English translation if you want to watch it! Just thought I'd share it. Hahahaha!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A video from me... to you!!!

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Hey guys! Guess what I made?! My first vlog hahahaha! Normally I don't do this but for some reason I was just inspired to do vlogs from now on since I suck at blogging. Man, who knew that vlogging, editing, and all that took so much effort. I've made a few vlogs already but this is my first one and my darling sister, Patty, has been bugging me about it! She vlogs too! She's funny like that! My vlogs will be mostly for my family and friends who are either not living in the same state as we are or who are living in other parts of the world.

One reason why I wanted to vlog was because I sucked at blogging and writing down my thoughts and what not. I'm not the "write on your journal-type" and never was. I was more of a person that just wanted to talk. So I decided, why not record everything that's going on and share it to the family and friends, and maybe even the world.

I don't intend to be a YouTube person or try to be someone famous. There are already many people for that. This is just for fun. But who knows, maybe down the road I'll start doing YouTube stuff just like favorite YouTubers.... but that's not until I graduate and have more time in my hands. Hahahahaha!

P.S. Here's a YouTube Link:
Hope you guys enjoy and stay tune for more! :)

Another P.S. Please leave comments.. I want to know your thoughts and suggestions on how I can make the videos fun. Even suggest what I should put next lol!