Mock March
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mock March

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Mock March Post!

Even though the month of March has been over for 2 months now.. I wanted to share with you guys what has happened. It's been a crazy ride for both of us. First of all, I had Written Mock Boards. Phew! It was not what I expected at all. I wrote about it a week before the exam on my "Toothy Adventures by One Busy Bee" blog. The one thing that I was really bummed about was that I studied since January to prepare myself and yet when I saw the test in front of me, it felt like I didn't study anything at all. It was completely insane and I had a little panic attack I think lol! The worst part was that we had to wait until we knew what we got hahahaha! It was a good experience though. Now we are definitely scared and pumped up to get ready for the real one.

This is my picture right before the exam! My cute classmates made us baggies to wish us luck! <3 p="">

My good friend Cassie and I... We are super excited that we passed hahahahaha! Phew!

Also, another big event is that Curt turned 27 this year. My last post was probably about my thoughts on getting old and changing. Even if it wasn't my birthday yet, I knew that Curt and I were not getting any younger and it definitely made me think of what lies ahead for our future. It was insane!

Anyway, for his birthday, I got a deal on Groupon that had to do with swimming at The Crater up in Midvale. It was such a good price that I didn't want to let the opportunity slide and at the same time, we both have been talking about going there for awhile now. It was so hard to keep it a secret from him because I was so excited. Eventually, I cracked due to some unforeseen schedule changes since I also had UDA (Utah Dental Association) Convention that weekend. But he was still excited when I told him about it. Unfortunately. Curt had to work on his birthday and I had the convention going on that day as well. It was a bummer but we also made the most out of it later in the day. 

We went the next day instead and it was a beautiful day to drive up to Midvale. It was a bit chilly but still nice. Here's the entrance to the Crater. 

Once you enter The Crater, here's what the inside looks like! It's actually pretty neat!

We even asked the nice lifeguard/manager to take a picture of us. He was such a nice guy and even held my phone for me while we were in the water. The water temperature was very warm and it was so relaxing to be in there. For the whole hour we were there, it was peaceful and quiet since there were only 3 other couples. The water was dark blue and I think it was about 70-90 ft deep. Knowing myself, I was freaked out at first just because I couldn't see the bottom.. (yes, I have that phobia) But luckily, we were able to snorkel. It wasn't too bad after that. It was cool to see some people scuba diving in the bottom. There wasn't much to see but it was still cool to watch them. If you have the chance, you should go here and visit. I never felt so relaxed and serene since I gave up my monthly massages. 

After, we just played outside the Crater and decided to walk around... The sun was so bright and the warm water made it possible for us to just enjoy soaking up in the sun and getting some Vitamin D and exercise. 

   These stairs felt like a good workout! LOL

Made it to the top of the Crater!