M.I.A. and Valentine's Day
by Roxy on

Sunday, February 17, 2013

M.I.A. and Valentine's Day

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Fellow family and friends, I apologize for not updating my blog in the past 2-3 weeks. Life has been a chaos as some of my fellow classmates would agree. Where have I been and what have I been up to you may ask? I've only been in school for a month a half and it seems like school is already going fast. In the past few weeks, we have had 5 exams. NOT quizzes, but 5 EXAMS. Insane?? Yes! My physical and mental health are still trying to recover from "Hell Week." LOL! I shall explain why I gave last week its name.
So 2 weeks ago, we had our first Head and Neck Anatomy exam that consisted of 3 chapters (not bad). I actually got a good score on that so I was pretty happy. Then the week after, we had our first Embryology and Histology exam which consisted of again 3 chapter (still not bad) and I got a good grade on that as well. This last week is what I have referred to as "Hell Week" due to these reasons:
1. Monday: 2 exams on 2 of our harder classes: Morphology and Radiology on the same day and right by each other (both consisted of AT LEAST 5 chapters each)
2. We had to complete our Extra-Oral Exam process evaluation by the end of the week in clinic
3. Wednesday: Our Pre-Clinic Theory exam which consisted of almost 15 chapters total! 15!!!!!!!
4. Due to studying so much, all of us looked like the cast of "The Walking Dead" with dark circles under our eyes and totally zoned out in every class
5. Our fluoride paper was due on Thursday.
6. SADHA council held meetings to finalize our budget for our class.
*Note: In our school, we have what we call a SADHA council. It is the Student American Dental Hygiene Association. It's basically a student body council for the whole class. Even though I was not planning on running, my name was on it 3x for 3 different positions (President, VP, and Secretary). I don't know if it's because people like me or they're trolling and want me to be busy so I can fail hahahahaha! But anyway, I got elected as the Vice-President. I'm pretty happy about our council and now we're trying to get everybody involved and put them to work. :)

So what do you guys think? Pretty busy, eh?! This coming week we still have 2 exams: Preventive Dentistry and Spanish. Also, several of us have ordered our loupes. Loupes are very essential in the dental field. It helps us get the job done by helping us with our posture and back and we look very silly wearing them. It's still pretty cool though! And I got my business cards in the mail. I mean, it's not a necessity for school but it helps put our names out there in the market to get some patients on our chair. Come see me when I start seeing patients next semester. We'll have a blast!!!! :)

Our dining table has become my study corner! 

Chelsey D. (our Historian) posted this!!!! This is what she felt after a SADHA Budget meeting LOL

I think this is pretty close to the kind of loupes that I got. I will have to post a pic when I get them. :) 

My business cards have arrived!!!! Isn't it so cute??!!! 

I also wanted to thank my sweet sweet husband for putting up with me through this whole week. It's been crazy and I even forgot about Valentine's Day. I came home and he was making dinner for us since he knew I was exhausted and that I didn't want to go out. He had flowers on the table and a chocolate bar.
He made awesome steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies for dinner! yummy!!! So grateful for him! <3

Well, another week is coming so I better put my game face on!!! Have a great week everyone! :)