UDA Convention + Birthday Party + Baby Blessing!
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Monday, March 4, 2013

UDA Convention + Birthday Party + Baby Blessing!

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Wow! What a weekend! After being so busy for awhile, I finally had a little break from school. Last week, we only had 3 days of school due to the UDA Convention up in SLC, UT. It's a convention where everyone in the dental field geeks out about freebies (specially toothbrushes) and all the cool stuff that is related to dentistry. Even though we were only in school for 3 days, it felt like a drag. I think it'z coz everyone was just so tired from the previous weeks! I can't blame them! Anyway, it was so much fun to go to the convention and just play around. First, my friends who didn't get their loupes yet were so hilarious. Both Carlie and Chelsey kept going back and forth between the Orascoptic booth and the Surgitel booth. It was funny since we would check up on them once in awhile to see the progress. While they were shopping for loupes, we walked around and saw a bunch of gals from our class. It was so awesome to see everyone looking so glamorous. It was awesome! We had so much fun and after a whole day at the convention, our feet were just sore to death. My favorite part was when we went to the massage booth and there were these machines that jiggle your whole body. I did use the word "JIGGLE" coz it totally does! And yes, we were there from 8:30-4:00 LOL! But on the way home, we passed by the SLC Temple since Chelsey hasn't seen it before. Like always, it looked gorgeous! :)

Another story was that Curt's uncle John turned the BIG 60 this weekend! It was so fun to see the family from Maryland and Seattle. Too bad Nate and Tiff and little Nora couldn't come! (I was so excited to see little Nora too! Yes, I'm talking to you Tiff if you are reading this haha!) It was fun though. Uncle John is so fond of anything chocolate that everything on the table were basically made with chocolate. It was choco-tastic but after that, I'm all chocolated-out for awhile.

And lastly, little Ivy was blessed this past Sunday. She looked so cute and just so adorable in her dress. Jim was funny to try to put her to sleep before the blessing so she doesn't get too cranky. When Mike and Ivy were called up along with all the Priesthood holders in the family, I couldn't help but tear up while listening to the blessing that Mike was giving her. It was just an awesome experience. It was funny to see the chapel half occupied by our side of the family and Mike's. It was pretty cool! I was like "I love this, we have such a huge family!" It definitely made me miss the gatherings in the Philippines. But anyway, that is the summary of my weekend! Hope you all had a good one! Now it's time for me to pack it up and study for another set of upcoming exams! Good luck to me!!!

Photo Booth Fun!!! :) 
 My fellow lovely future hygienists! <3

Nicole and Chelsey relaxing at the massage booth! They're pooped from walking around LOL

 Leyza, Nicole, Me, Carlie, and Chelsey! Yay UDA!!! <3 

My 2 badges from the previous UDA's.. next one will say "HYGIENIST" YAHOO!!!