Gingerbread Houses!! :)
by Roxy on

by Roxy on

Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Houses!! :)

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On Monday nights, Curt and I usually spend our evening with his family.. since we figured the more the merrier for FHE! :)

So last Monday, we decided to make gingerbread houses. His awesome mom, Jill, baked and cut them into pieces for us to enjoy and build. This is how our night went...
Me trying to concentrate on putting the icing

Curt trying to make a face.. he's so excited

Drew and Carrie making faces as well

So concentrated on his work
A box???

Jill helping our house out

So stoked for their wacky gingerbread house
Me putting some designs on the roof
The entrance to the wacky house of Drew's and Carrie's

Looking good..

Yay!!! So happy for our house..

Left side of the house.

Our christmas tree on the back.

The front of the house with a candy cane tree
Curt's minty snowman with a twizzlers top hat :)


Very creative entrance
Their wacky tree with an octopus in the pond, and the entrance to LOTR

It took us probably almost 2 hours just concentrating on our houses!

Yay for cool gingerbread houses hahah!!! :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


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This weekend was basically awesome! Finally, Curt and I have moved to our new place thanks to the help of our amazing family! We got the job done in 5 hours or so. Anyway, even though we've moved and were tired.. We hung out with our cool friends, Steph and Phil! And guess what we watched... TANGLED!!! It's basically one very awesome show! As I showed my approval on facebook, I think Disney did a very good job. It was perfect from beginning to end! We're thinking of watching it again sometime soon! And of course, the movie is definitely going on the "movies to buy" list! Haha!! It's a must see show!! :)

P.S. You'll love Pascal.. He's so cute!<3

And then there's Maximus.. He's one awesome horse!!! :)