A Birthday, 2 Dates, & Modern Family!!
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Talk about so much cuteness!!!!
by Roxy on

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Birthday, 2 Dates, & Modern Family!!

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Finally, it's the weekend! I couldn't have been more happier since this week has been so busy and stressful for me. Work and packing for the big move at the end of the month is just crazy! I can't wait for our California and Mexico cruise vacation in the next week or so!!! SO EXCITED! Anyway, for this week, we had a birthday, 2 dates, and of course, the first season of Modern Family!! Thanks to my awesome co-worker, Teri, she made my day by letting me borrow the first season of Modern Family. That show is hilarious!! I'm almost done with the whole DVD. I feel pathetic but I can't stop watching it. LOL! On Wednesday, Carrie turned the BIG 22!! Woot woot!! We went to the Mayan restaurant and had an awesome dinner. She got some awesome pics with the Mayan Divers. Then on Thursday & Friday night, Curt and I went on dates just to calm down the stress and to end the week right. Haha!! On Thursday, we decided to go to the DI and look for cool cheap stuff. We ended up with cute wall decorations and 2 games: Express Yourself and Phase 10. After, we went to Graywhale and bought 6 DVDs and Tron in Blu-Ray. It was so cheap we felt like we hit the jackpot haha! Curt then decides that we should go get frozen yogurt at YogurtLand and then he took me to this park. It was cool coz it looked like a tiny town. Even thought it was a nice day, it was cold since we had frozen yogurt and it was getting dark. It was fun though. And on Friday, we went to SmashBurger for dinner and just stayed home to watch a movie. It was just nice to have a relaxing Friday night. I hope everyone had a good week and enjoy your weekend!! <3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Talk about so much cuteness!!!!

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I know it's late but I just can't sleep just yet! I've been thinking about desserts and sweets and I remembered how fond and excited I was about these 2 cupcake books that my lovely friend, Stephanie has! Yesterday, Curt and I went to hang out with our awesome friends: Phil, Steph, Matt, James, and we were glad to have Mykin and her hub, John with us too. We hung out and played the game "Curses!" Ever heard of it??? It's an intense game and we were just laughing our heads off! Anyhoo, before we all started the game.. I noticed this cute book on the table and wanted to see what was inside. As I flip through the pages, I got more excited on how cute the creations were on how to make cupcakes so cute and so hard to eat because of the intense cuteness. Of course the boys enjoyed on how excited I got coz every time I flipped a page, my voice kept getting higher and higher due to the intensity of the cuteness of the cupcakes! Anyway, it was a lot of fun.. James had to grab the book from me for us to finally start the game. I asked Curt if I could buy them and create these lovely cupcakes someday and he said yes!!!! I'm going to buy them soon and hopefully start making some awesome cupcakes and sharing it with people. I just wonder when that will happen... probably when I'm a mom! Hahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Temple Date... and a new blog design out of boredom!!!

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I hope everyone had a good memorial weekend. I, on the other hand, didn't enjoy it too much! The weekend was gloomy, rainy, and cold here in Utah! It stinks.. but oh well!!! Also, I had a terrible migraine! I think it's coz I haven't been able to sleep last week coz of stress and a lot of other stuff. Anyhoo... thanks to my sweet hubby, we were able to go to the temple today. We haven't gone in awhile.. so today was good.
We haven't gone to the Oquirrh temple yet and I've been wanting to go.. so we did!! It's kinda weird to think that the temple is brown and not white... haha! But it was still beautiful inside. I was trying so hard not to fall asleep in our temple session coz I was tired and exhausted. After that, we just stayed inside for awhile coz we've been stressed about some life-changing situations. I think we sat inside for a good half-hour after the session ended. Finally, after trying to figure out some things.. we got our answers and went out to dinner coz my tum-tum was making noises. We found this Chinese restaurant in South Jordan.. it's called Rice King Express. We decided to check it out just coz even though I was hungry, I was very picky for some reason. I've been in Chinese-mode lately for some reason. Also, we found something weird and awesome.. a GREEN WALMART!!! Has anyone seen a green walmart?? It was so random.. it was in the middle of nowhere and it was green instead of blue! Hahah! After dinner, of course, since we were in South Jordan, we just had to end the night by getting Sub-Zero!!! Yummy!!! It was a good way to end the day/night.. and for a few hours.. decided to design my blog coz I wasn't sleepy!!! Hope you guys like it.. I'm the type of person that gets bored easily with things.. so I might start changing mine again next month!!! :-)

 Oquirrh Temple.. :)
 Rice King.. or Rice City??? I'm not sure...

Green Wal-Mart??? What????