Birthday Month + Moms + Marianas Trench = an Awesome May!!!!
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Birthday Month + Moms + Marianas Trench = an Awesome May!!!!

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So I never really got to blog over my spring break.. why? Coz I was just enjoying not doing anything and I think blogging to me was like homework haha! Anyway, spring break was fun and we went to Moab for some Buckmiller Jeeping! It was awesome but I didn't get to drive a lot this time just because I just wanted to enjoy the ride.

My countdown for the month of May!! 

Starting the month of May was pretty rough just because school started right before my birthday and Curt started his CNA night classes. Boo!! I spent my whole birthday in class from 8-5 pm. It was probably the longest and roughest day in school since it was a new semester and we were bombarded with tons of paperwork and information. It was insane! But I tried to stay positive because it was my birthday and being in school won't ruin it for me. Besides, it was so cute when my sweet friend Chelsey and her husband Charles took me out to dinner for my birthday since they refused to let me spend my special day all alone at home. I thought it was so cute of them to do that for me.

My books for Semester 2 of Hygiene school! 

 Chelsey and I at Red Robin! Yum! 

Best parts of my birthday though were the thoughtful gifts that I received from my family, my in-laws, and from my best friend Eri from Japan! Totally unexpected that I would get some yummy chocolates from Chocomize from her. It was super delish! What was so cool about it is that she designed all the chocolate bars for me! She remembered I loved teddy bears so there were gummy bears and teddy grahams! Yummy!

 My chocolates from Eri! Ever heard of Chocomize Chocolates?? 

 It had a candle inside the package lol!!! 

 My awesome gifts from my family! Of course a purse is a necessity every year.. That's what my mom said! LOL! 

My wonderful gifts from my in-laws not related to school! Oh and I got a gift card from H&M from Carrie. It wasn't on the pic coz it was already in my wallet ready to be used hahahaha! 

The best part about the month of May besides celebrating my birthday is of course celebrating Mother's Day! These wonderful ladies are the reason why I want to be a mom someday... and I mean the SOMEDAY part hahaha! Not sure when that's going to happen but it will sometime in the future lol!

My Mom, my momma-in-law Jill, and My mama!!! 

My wonderful sis-in-law Holly with her cute daughter Ivy! Isn't this picture just adorable?! 

On to the most epic part of May!!! MARIANAS TRENCH!!!!! Aaaahhh we got to see them last night at The Complex in Salt Lake City! It was so awesome because we got to be so so close to the stage. Like literally, it was super epic and awesome. We have been waiting for this moment and it finally came true last night. I was so so so happy coz Joshua Ramsey the singer pointed at me and I pointed back. Totally a cool connection right there! Carrie and I lost our voices after the show but it came back. But man, we were all sweaty and gross from jumping around and just rocking it out. That's when you know it was an awesome concert! LOL!!! Can't wait to see them again!! If you haven't heard about this guys, better check them out coz you are missing out!! 

June is coming and that means snow cone time!!!! 

My lady friends and I after school! I was the only one wearing scrubs because I had to be the clinician for the week while these beauties got to be patients!! Huge shaved ice = EPIC!!! :)